Where In The World?

Today I was boringly doing my mundane job when one of my co-workers asked the question…. Where do you get your story ideas from? If you’ve been writing for long or given any book signings or presentations at writing conferences, this question always comes up. It would seem that people who don’t have the inclination to write are fascinated by how we do it.

The answer that I give is a fairly vague one because there is no one place. A least for me. Anything can spark an idea. A picture. A news story. A snippet of conversation. Something I see when I’m driving. A phrase that someone says to me. Even something from my mundane job.

Many times I don’t get the spark right away. Sometimes the ‘idea’ merely languishes there in my murky brain. It collects cobwebs in the recesses of what I like to call my inner brain. Then it ferments until it explodes into a full blown story. Or I see something and immediately the story blooms.

The weird thing about this question posed to me was that I had just read an article in Writer’s Digest September 2012 issues by Candy Schulman. And it was Andy Rooney’s answer to her question that is a truth for all writers. His answer was “Well you damn well sit down and decide to have an idea.”

No matter where these ideas come from, it takes the writer’s intuitive sense to take it and develop it into a full blown story. And that is where the real writer lives. Stay tuned.

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