One Piece Of Advice…

The best piece of advice I got when I first starting writing seriously was from a wizened older writer. The question was how he wrote so much. He answered, “You sit your butt in your chair and just write.” To this day I live by that mantra.

Some of my writer friends use the excuse that they have trouble writing all the time because they just can’t get enough time to spend in their office or they don’t have an office. Where you write is merely a state of mind. All that matters is that you write.

I’ve written in some pretty strange places. Coffee shops are a given. Even with the noise and distractions, many people write in coffee chops. Libraries are another place that people write. However, some times the quiet bothers me. (Yeah, I’m weird.) Hotels while traveling, yeah these are pretty standard too. In the car while traveling (no, not driving the car). In the hallway of the hotel is one of the stranger places I’ve written. At a restaurant. On a picnic table in the local park. Sitting in the car while waiting on kids. At a kid’s birthday party. In the kitchen while cooking. In the stadium stands at a competition. At work (I work at a call center and write between calls.).

I have never had an ‘office’. Right now my ‘office’ is my lazy boy chair in the living room. (My family is living in a very small apartment and space is at a premium.) Usually I can write with almost any sort of distraction. The hardest distraction I’ve found is the TV. This is because when the commercials come on, they are at a slightly higher volume then the shows and it pulls my attention out of my work. (Yes, they do that on purpose, those crafty advertisers.)

The point here is to just write. In my case where ever I find myself. For some, it has to be a certain place. Whatever you have to do, just get your bottom in a seat, any seat and write. Write, write, write.

Stay Tuned.

(Of course every four years I get VERY distracted with watching the Olympic Games. Maybe, just maybe someday the world can get together in peace for more than just 17 days. We can hope.)


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