Give’m What They Want

This is a phrase I’ve heard over and over in all of my careers, especially in my customer services positions. Give them what they want. It also holds true in my writing and publishing career. Maybe even more so.

What am I talking about? When a publisher asks for a particular way to send a manuscript, i.e. format or number of pages, that is what you need to give them. Anything else is just asking to be rejected. You must do exactly what they want, how they want, and when they want it. It is so true that the publisher is looking for reasons to reject manuscripts.

As a writer I followed this rule (give’m what the want) to the letter, and although I received tons of rejection letters, I followed their rules. As a publisher, I can totally understand why the publishers are so picky. If a writer can’t even follow simple instructions, how can they possibly be expected to be able to meet deadlines and expectations of the writing profession. So when I get a submission that doesn’t meet the simple instructions that the submission guidelines provide, yes, I will reject it.

This also holds true for any writing contest. I remember one time I submitted an entry which was supposed to be double spaced and I sent it in single spaced. It was actually my first entry into a writing contest. It was rejected with no time to resubmit. I was very disappointed but I learned an incredible lesson that I have NEVER forgotten. And I have never repeated that mistake again.

So don’t even make that mistake once. Give’m (publisher, contest, whatever) what they want. Stay Tuned.

PS- Speaking of submissions- we, Seventh Wave Books, are looking for a few good authors. We would like to put out at least three more books by the end of the year. But we need those submissions NOW, so that our editors have time to tweak them into perfection. Yes, we love first time authors. So if you write mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, or action/adventure, check out our website and our submission guidelines.


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