“No Pain, No Gain.”

It’s totally a cliché but true. I realized this when I was doing training for a new program at my mundane job today. At work, several of us are training to master a new program that will enhance customer service. The problem is that it is still in the beta stage and there are inevitably glitches and issues. We have to pinpoint them, figure out a way to fix them, work thru them and then move on to the next issue.

How like writing this is. Writing is part craft and part artist. The craft part can be taught. It can be learned. It can be fixed. All it takes is getting the proper training and practice. Think of the Olympic athletes. They didn’t just start in their sport and were great. It took hours of practice. Years of sweat. Pain and discouragement. This before they reached greatness.

With writers it is the same. Practice. Patience. Training. More writing. So do whatever you can to get training for your craft. Books. DVDs. Other writers. Writing groups. Critique groups. Online groups. School classes. Education. Writing conferences. Learn anyway and every way you can. Then practice. Practice and when you get the most discouraged… write some more. And then some more.

The artist part of writing can be taught but takes lots and lots of training and persistence. Some people just seem to be born with it and it comes naturally. Others struggle long and hard. Either way, again training and practice is the key.

So live by the cliché. Go for the pain. The gold. The published book.

Angela Abderhalden is the author of the Mel Addison Mystery Series and Acquiring Editor of Seventh Wave Books, LLC


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