Got Questions?

Got questions about writing?
Got questions about editing?
Got questions about the publishing world?
Wanna pitch your book to a publisher looking for new authors?
Do you have questions about book covers?
Ebooks and e-publishing?
A fan of our books?
Bored and have an hour to waste?
Just enjoy talking on your phone?

Well, come join us this Saturday (tomorrow), for a question and answer period of about one hour. It’s a free conference call to ask us here at Seventh Wave Books any questions you might have. We might just have the answer.

We’ll start at 11 am central time. Here is the number to call – 4 zero nine- 777- nine thousand or the alternate number at 916- two zero nine- 4534. It will ask for a pin number and here it is… 218 four 987 That’s all you need.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Stay tuned….

Angela Abderhalden
Acquiring Editor, Seventh Wave Books, LLC
Author of the Mel Addison Mystery Series


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