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Change Energizes Us

Okay, so it’s been a while since I blogged. Here are the facts (not excuses), the holidays, moved half way across the country, the holidays again, and new job. Now that you’re caught up…

Lots of changes this year. And yes, I do feel energized. I’m writing again and it feels good. I’ve started on the sequel to Desperate Situations, called Evasive Maneuvers. It’s moving along at a slow but steady pace. I’m re-editing the fourth book in the Mel Addison Mystery Series, Nefarious Deeds, that will come out in the late summer/early fall. And I’m also re-editing a coming of age story set in WWII. No possible date on its release but soon.

We here are Seventh Wave Books are also energized. We’re in the midst of launching two new authors. The first is Guy Gertsch. He wrote this awesome book that brought out the geeky classical book lover in me. If you love Mark Twain, or at least just like him, you have to read The Mississippi Immortal in Europe. His book is the story of a grouchy man who wakes one morning thinking he is Tom Sawyer. He takes a trip to Europe to follow in Mark Twain’s footsteps when he wrote The Innocents Abroad. During his trip ‘Tom’ discovers a lot about himself, besides meeting many of Twain’s best characters, he begins to question his ‘immortality’. I’m very excited about this book and this new author. Check it out on the website http://www.seventhwavebooks.com

Our second new author is Alicia Sheehy. Her book will be coming out later in the spring. It’s a fantasy that is a terrific story of a young girl’s growth and learning. This YA book is great reading for the teen readers, although I enjoyed it as an adult. So don’t think that you have to be a teenager to read it. No way! It’s that good. But more on her and her book later.

Lastly, Jason and I at Seventh Wave are promoting writing by holding monthly free conference calls. It’s free! All you have to do is have questions or just an interest in writing, email us so we can give you the phone # and access code and call in. It doesn’t last long, around an hour or less. We will answer as many questions as we can, and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out and let you know. And did I mention, it’s free. (We aren’t collecting info on anyone either. So don’t worry we won’t sell or give away or anything with your email address. I hate it when people do that with my information!) So if you’re interested email me at the address below. Oh yeah, it’s on the last Saturday of each month, around 10 a.m. Mountain time. (11 a.m. central time, etc.)

Enough of the commercials. This just goes to show you that we/I am energized and ready to continue where I left off last year. I’m going to try my hardest to blog twice a week again, barring any of life’s nasty happenings.

Write. Energize. Write. Stay tuned!

Angela Abderhalden
Author and Acquiring Editor
Seventh Wave Books, LLC


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